Sunday, June 5, 2011



The man hurried down the street, glancing cautiously over his shoulder. Good. No one was there. He pulled the key out of his pocket with trembling hands and pushed it into the keyhole. Then, a fist slammed into the side of his head. He reeled back, his vision blurring and spinning. He reached for his magic, pushing out violently against the air, and heard a loud crack. Then, he felt a stiletto against the side of his throat. Immediately, his senses dampened, and the cold, brisk air felt warm and sluggish. He felt the urge to turn and punch whoever was holding the dagger, but the impulse soon faded in his numbed mind.

“’Allo Guv’nor!” there was a cheery smile in the voice. He should have been terrified, but he smiled along with the assailant, belatedly noticing that the push at the air had done nothing but to dent the wall in front of him. He struggled a little, and felt the blade nick his skin. The pain brought him back to reality. He roared, rearing to his feet, and he felt the man behind him stumble backwards, the dagger slipping harmlessly off his coat. Never let it be said that clothes made by Ghastly Bespoke weren’t durable. Turning, he was met by a foot to the chest, which sent him sprawling, though most of the impact was absorbed by the chest of the one piece vest he was wearing. Springheeled Jack’s blade swept down, and sparked off the man’s sleeves, and he snarled, punching downwards towards the man’s face. The man blocked, and rolled, coming up with a haymaker to Jack’s chin. Jack slipped by, and slipped his knife into the sorcerer’s carotid artery before pulling backwards savagely. The blood fountained in a beautiful arc, and the man dropped, his neck half ripped from it’s foundations, the wound a tear of astonishing raggedness. The man slipped to the floor and gasped, his hands clutching his throat, before his eyes went dull.

Jack smiled and licked the blade. He had no idea who he had just killed, but following metal man’s orders were fun. The night was young, and London was still too overpopulated. He leapt and bounced off a wall, disappearing from view.


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Skyril said...

That was awesome! Loved it, brother of Blood butterflies!
Extremely exciting and I always loved reading about Jack :D
I would read the next part, but I really have to leave now.
By the way, you should put up a followers section so I can, you know, follow. I read a lot of fan-fics and stories and catch up with them by checking out the oldest post I haven't read in the blogs I follow :D
Anyway, epica story! And you should come onto Derek's blog sometime and chat :]

Mar-Chu said...

Yaaaaaaaay! Writing!!!


I like springheeled jack. He's a great character. Plus he Jumps to where he wants to go.

*boing, boing*